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The Troll Hole Museum is ready for 2021

The Troll Hole Museum is a wild and whacky place in a small town called Alliance, Ohio.

The trolls stumbled upon this historic, but mostly abandoned, area

and decided to make their home in one of the many old buildings.

The trolls began to spread their luck throughout the neighborhood and over time,

new businesses started to open in the once abandoned buildings on main street.

The trolls started to multiply and fill the building from floor to ceiling

with trolls of all shapes, colors, and sizes!

Now, the building is famously known as the Troll Hole and people from

all over the world travel to Alliance to experience the magic and wonder of the trolls for themselves.

Take a tour in person or online of this 14-room, immersive museum with exhibits such as:

- Troll Hall of Fame, vibrant exhibits with troll-ified musicians, celebrities, and athletes!

- Fan Mail, customized troll dolls and fan mail is on display, celebrating our fans and supporters!

- Troll Bowl, a replica of the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium, filled with Troll fans!

- Sigrid's Workshop, a special place filled with troll themed folk art!

- Trolls in Cinema, highlighting the story-telling of troll lore in popular movies!

- DreamWorks, a vibrant display of the new DreamWorks Trolls franchise!

- The Troll Hunter Cabin, a look into cryptozoology, the study of mythical creatures.

- The Mountain Trolls, an immersive exhibit with tons of hidden trolls!

- Pop Culture Room, a colorful, toy-filled room highlighting the economic impact of Trolls.

- Christmas Trolls, Is Santa really a Troll? Learn about the Yule Lads & Gryla, too.

- Troll Cave, a cozy recreation of a real troll home!

- Troll Bridge and Treasure Trove, beautiful and detailed recreation of story book places!

- Scandinavian Trolls, the origin of the troll doll image we are familiar with today!

- World Record Room, proudly presenting our Guinness World Record collection!

And much, much more!!

Buy tickets for virtual or in-person tours at

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