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Sherry Groom, the Troll Collector

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  Founder of The Troll Hole Museum, Sherry Groom, has been collecting Troll Dolls ever since she was 5 years old. Over the years, her collection has grown to be the largest in the world.


  Sherry opened the Troll Hole Museum with her husband Jay in 2013 to showcase her collection and attain her first official Guinness World Record. 


   Together, they chose to open the museum in Historic Downtown Alliance, Ohio, a once thriving intersection of four major railways known as 'The Crossing'.


  Their goal is to continue to open family-friendly attractions on Main Street that will draw visitors to the area and stimulate the local economy.

  Today, the Troll Hole Museum is the home of over 8,000 unique troll dolls and over 25,000 troll-related items and is truly one of the most unique attractions in the country.

  Sherry's efforts to revitalize the Alliance area have resulted in the opening of several new businesses including an immersive cat cafe and pet boutique and a comedy-themed escape room among others.

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