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YOUR trolls on Display at the Troll Hole Museum!

The Troll Hole Museum is on YouTube!

Join Sherry from the Troll Hole Museum for weekly Troll Mail! The Troll Hole Museum is the home of the Guinness World Record Largest Troll Doll Collection at almost 9,000 unique Troll dolls and 26,000+ pieces of Troll memorabilia! The collection grows every week when we receive Troll Mail, donations by Troll collectors from all over the world who want their Trolls to have a permanent home at the Troll Hole Museum. Catch the latest episodes here!

Troll Mail Episode 50 In this episode, Sherry receives a package from Robin from Ohio. This box contains vintage trolls and troll outfits, including a vintage knock-off of the Dam Troll Animals and more surprises!

Troll Mail Episode 51 In this episode, Sherry receives a donation from Laura and Larry. This box contains vintage and modern trolls that were cherished by Laura and Larry in their childhoods and by their kids in the 90's.

Do you have Troll dolls that need a new home? Contact the Troll Hole Museum to arrange a donation! All trolls are loved and cherished here at the Troll Hole Museum, no-matter the condition!

Your donation will be unboxed on camera and featured on our YouTube channel with a special shout out to you! We cherish your letters and stories about your trolls and keep them in a special part of our museum! Your troll dolls may be added to the Guinness World Record Troll Doll Collection and be put on display for thousands of visitors to see and enjoy! Donators to the collection will also receive a complimentary virtual or in-person tour of the museum!

The Troll Hole Museum's YouTube Official Channel If you like our videos and would like to support our growth, please take a moment to click the like button on the videos you watch and most importantly, please click the subscribe button. When we reach 1,000 subscribers, we unlock live streaming and would love to be able to do a Q&A with our viewers! Please leave us a comment with your feedback! We reply to all comments and questions!

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