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The Troll Hole Museum Channel

We've come a long way and we're ready for the new year!

Check out the story of the Troll Hole in our new promo video!

Troll Mail Tuesdays

Join Sherry as she opens Troll Mail every Tuesday.

Sherry unboxes mystery donations to the Troll Hole Museum.

Troll Mail Tuesdays - Episode 16

Troll Talk Thursdays

There's much to learn as Sherry talks about Troll doll history, Troll folklore, product reviews, and more! Get a glimpse into all there is to learn at

the Troll Hole Museum!

Troll Talk Thursdays - Episode 8


No travel? No problem.

Get a look at what happens at the Troll Hole Museum when the humans are away and the Trolls come out to play.

Private Virtual Tours Available

Take a walk through the Gift Shop at the Troll Hole Museum!

Trolls News Network

Our award winning anchors

and journalists report live,

bringing you the most

exclusive stories and


TNN Breaking News Stories

Story Time Saturdays

For Kids!

Sherry reads children's stories from old Scandinavian Troll folklore to the new Dreamworks Trolls franchise books!

Story Time Saturdays - Episode 1

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