Sherry giving one of her wisdom readings


Who and what is Sigrid?

Sigrid, the "Queen of Trolls", is herself a troll.  She's a huldra troll, but one that never married.  But more than that Sigrid is one of those very rare trolls, born once every few thousand years, who possesses a wisdom and understanding that has been passed down through the eons - A Master who possesses not only the wisdom of trolls and their struggles with humans through the ages, but Sigrid is one who has a greater wisdom which surpasses the boundaries of species, and thus, has guided many a weary two legged and four legged creature to greater happiness and harmony with life.

From the depths of her wisdom, Sigrid knows that there is no greater thing than love, compassion and understanding, and because of this Sigrid takes in all abandoned and mistreated trolls, to give them comfort and help as only she can.   Sigrid has a natural connection to animals, especially dogs, and you can usually find one or two of them near her at all times. 

A huldra troll is a female troll that takes on the appears of a beautiful human female.  The only way that you can tell a hundra troll from a human is by their tail (kind of a dead giveaway).  Legend has it that if you give a hundra troll a proper Christian marriage that her tail will fall off, but if you treat her bad she will turn extremely ugly.

Sherry Groom, owner and troll collector

How does a Mental Health Nurse and mother of four find relief from the stresses of everyday life?  By collecting trolls, by creating an incredibly fun place for people to come, and by being a little wacky when she dresses up as "Sigrid".  From childhood obsession to a Guinness World Record, Sherry knows everything about trolls that Sigrid knows...maybe more.

Meet Sigrid the "Troll Queen"

Your guide to all things troll

When it comes to trolls, no one knows trolls like Sigrid knows trolls.  After all, she is the Queen of Trolls.  With great wit and humor Sigrid will guide you through the world of trolls.  Plus, she can help you with issues by sharing with you the ancient wisdom of the ages...passed down by trolls?  Only Sigrid knows.                      Troll readings available.