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Three-headed Christmas Troll


Just the name inspires images of kings,  queens, honor and shivery, and of course Knights of the Round Table.

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Akron Beacon News Article 

on the Troll Hole

2015 - Needle Felting Class and Crochet classes each month throughout the year. Call for schedule of upcoming classes.  Class $15 + materials.  To be held at our 40 N Arch building. 6:30pm - 8:30pm  For more information call (330) 596-1157

Pictures from a recent felting workshop at the Troll Hole Art Emporium with master felted Thomas Horst of Horst Couture.

Beside our daily guided tours of our Troll Hole Museum we offer classes in various art mediums, from felting to crochet to metal smithing.  Check back often to see what classes are currently scheduled. 

It is absolutely amazing how much press coverage we have been receiving as of late.  Sherry, as Sigrid the "Troll Queen" was recently featured on FOX Cleveland's TV show  NewDay Cleveland and completed not one, but two interviews for CNN.

Then the Akron Beacon News did a full-page spread about the Troll Hole and that story was picked up by the Associated Press and went nationwide.  We don't know exactly how many cities picked up the story but we have heard from people from across the country in states as: Washington, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Georgia, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.  We are certain there are many, many more we have yet to hear from and we are very thankful to all who have contacted us with interest and support.

One of the happenings that really excited us was being contacted by Norwegian  Airlines and being told that we were going to be in their October 2014 in-flight magazine that would be seen by approximately 2 millions customers.  I've seen the beautiful seven page layout they did on trolls and it is really amazing.  The best write up I have seen to date on the history of the troll doll. CLICK HERE to see the article.  The article goes from page 36-46 with a small blurb about us in the right-hand column on page 35.  Check it out.



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